[ntp:hackers] Somewhat cross-compile: non-standard include files

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sat Sep 12 19:21:06 UTC 2009

This will probably be simple after I know the answer.

How do I tell configure or whatever to get the include files from a specified 
directory rather than the normal /usr/include/?

I don't need to do a full cross-compile, just to use different include files. 
 Is there a wiki page on cross compiling?  (I didn't find it.)

There is stuff in configure that looks like saying  --includedir=wherever 
should work, but nothing happened when I tried it.  An includedir line gets 
put into Makefile but that seems to get ignored.  (I've been testing with 
--includedir=foobar.  That doesn't generate any errors.)

Longer story:

I've got a system based on Fedora 9 that isn't complete enough to do 
compiles/builds.  I can compile ntpd on another F9 system and copy things 
over.  I want to update that other system so I'm looking for another recipe 
to build ntpd.

I've got a newer Fedora 10 system, but building there and copying over 
doesn't quite work.  The symptom is that the drift gets stuck at 0.  
Everything else seems to work.  I suppose I could track that down (which 
might be interesting anyway).  I assume the differences are in the system 
header files.

Is there a better way?

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