[ntp:hackers] scripts that might be handy

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Thu Sep 17 05:32:55 UTC 2009

> pogo:~murray/check-for-errors.sh greps for error patterns in A*/make.log
>   flock-build currently makes 20 different copies of make.log
>   Checking for errors by hand is likely to miss something due to operator 
> fatigue.
>   This is my attempt to avoid that.


> pogo:~murray/local-build.sh runs flock_build on just the local system.
>   Running flock-build on pogo takes a looooooong time, so I really want to 
> catch all of the gross bugs before I get that far.  This lets you run the 4 
> cases on your own system before wasting time on pogo.

Yeah, pogo is not the fastest...

We're working on getting more machines at ISC - we currently have
FreeBSD, Debian, and OpenSolaris boxes.

> The genetic diversity of the flock is pretty small these days.  This also 
> lets you run it on your local environment(s).


> Corrections/tweaks encouraged.  I'd be happy if somebody adopted them and 
> merged them into the official recipe.
> I don't really understand the build/flock-build area.
> It requires that you don't run configure in the directory you are
> working in, but that's the normal part of my development cycle.

Dave Hart has done some work on these scripts.

'build' does a single build on the current machine.

flock-build produces a variety of builds on each machine listed in the
LIST environment variable.

Due to the way 'configure' works, if you run it in the top-level
directory you can only build for 1 architecture.  If you run it in the
top-level directory you cannot do a subdir build without a "make clean"
step, as a build in the top-level will generate .h files that will be
found and (incorrectly used) by a subdir build.

If you want to build anything other than a single instance, you can use
top-level builds.  Otherwise you will need to use a subdir build.

Note that the flock-build script will build "normally", and also without
debugging, and without SSL, and I forget what else.

If you are making changes to the code we recommend doing a complete
flock-build because that will catch errors like the recent 'debug build'
problem with a patch.

> I assume there is another way, but I haven't figured it out yet.  Is there 
> some simple idea I'm missing?

Did the above help?

> Currently, I setup another directory (bk clone/pull, bootstrap), copy the 
> patches over and run test-build.sh there.  (I suppose that could be a good 
> staging area for bits to send to pogo, but I haven't gotten that organized 
> yet.)

MY brain is tired after a long day - perhaps others have more ideas.


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