[ntp:hackers] Somewhat cross-compile: non-standard include files

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Fri Sep 18 01:19:57 UTC 2009

> How do I tell configure or whatever to get the include files from a
> specified directory rather than the normal /usr/include/? 

I found a way that I think is working...

gcc uses environment variables to set all sorts of options.
C_INCLUDE_DIR tells it where to get the system include files.
This lets me do what I want without editing any files.

Since I'm paranoid about fatfingering things and forgetting to set or unset 
things like that sort of environment variable, I put it into a shell script 
(or 3 of them):

  C_INCLUDE_PATH=/home/murray/ntp/f9/include/ ./bootstrap
  C_INCLUDE_PATH=/home/murray/ntp/f9/include/ ./configure.xxxx
  C_INCLUDE_PATH=/home/murray/ntp/f9/include/ make

(Now all I have to do is remember to use them.)

I took a quick peek at a random file in .deps/ and it used what I wanted 
rather than the normal /usr/include/

It seems to be working without exhibiting the bug (drift stuck at 0) that 
started this adventure.  I'm not sure I really trust it.  We'll see.

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