[ntp:hackers] Cumulative Use Controls as a next addition for the LISTEN ON feature proposed.

Todd Glassey tglassey at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 20 18:30:14 UTC 2009

So... if we are going to place this type of control in the system we 
need to build a better tracking system for number of requests so that we 
can effectively shut down abusers. The question is whether that's a part 
of NTP or NTPQ as resident agent type addition.

The idea is that throttling is available with most networking models and 
should be with NTP too. We should be able to set the maximum number of 
requests a system uses from the service from within the reference port 
model.  That would mean the addition of some type of uses-per-period 
service and the control to integrate that into DROP or "SAY NO TO 
BOOBOO" type controls.

Just a thought.


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