[ntp:hackers] nonblocking DNS code nearly complete

David Mills mills at udel.edu
Mon Jan 11 20:16:29 UTC 2010


That was the plan, but I didn't know it got that far. Good, but we're 
not done yet. The peer_config() needs to be replaced to extract the 
goodiees from the wyntax tree.a little markup of the syntax tree and a 
couple of chunks of code would add a great deal of flexibility to ass 
such thins as fudge values for remote servers. It would also allow the 
fudge command itself eventually to be deprecated.


Dave Hart wrote:

>On Mon, Jan 11, 2010 at 4:18 UTC, David Mills <mills at udel.edu> wrote:
>>The reason for the funky file is to save the configuration parameters until
>>the DNS reply, then mobilize the association with this information. You code
>>fragment implies the association is mobilized before the DNS query, so the
>>only thing the callback routine has to do is plug in the DNS address. Can
>>you confirm this?
>That's not how it's currently implemented with the new intres.
>Instead, the peer configuration tree node is kept around (by being
>passed as the void * context parameter to getaddrinfo_sometime()) and
>once the name has been resolved to address(es), peer_config() is used
>to mobilize the association by address, or in the case of a pool
>command, up to sys_maxclock associations.  This is very similar to the
>way the old intres works, though that code path was only triggered if
>the initial blocking lookup failed.
>Dave Hart

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