[ntp:hackers] tvtoa() and utvtoa()

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Tue Jun 22 03:28:37 UTC 2010


When Dennis Ferguson wrote those routines for an embedded processor that 
had no mutliply/divide instructions. He devised a clever way to convert 
between NTP and Unix representation based on table-lookup. The routines 
you cite were part of that stash, mainly for debugging. When I rewrote 
the contraption using floating point, the tables were trashed, but those 
routines have been unused for the last eighteen years. Verily, the 
routines can be burned.


Harlan Stenn wrote:

>Linus Karlsson was working on his GSoC Unit Testing project and
>discovered tvtoa.c and utvtoa.c, and noticed that those functions are
>not referenced anywhere in the code.
>I did not find *any* historical use of those functions, either.
>Anybody know what they might be good for?
>Should we just remove them?
>I figure there is a chance they may be good for debug output, maybe.

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