[ntp:hackers] ntpdate removal is coming

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Tue Jul 26 01:58:30 UTC 2011

> > I believe we will be offering a shell-script to replace ntpdate
> Is that really a good idea?  Won't you get stuck maintaining that script 
> forever?

I'm not sure we have a choice.  And the script will be pretty easy - it
will look at the options given and call either sntp or ntpd.  Sooner or
later we can decide to "not install by default".

> I'm not plugged into any of the system-level packaging discussions.
> How do people normally phase-out things like ntpdate that have been
> around long enough (and work well enough) to get used by low-level
> boot time scripts and such?

In my experience the folks will hear about this and either ignore it, be
OK with it, or scream about it.  Then if it actually happens, loads more
say "Why didn't you tell me about this before?" and when we point out we
did, they either ignore it, deal with it, or scream about it.


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