[ntp:hackers] Will ntp.org consider accepting a rewrite of ntptrace in C (for unix)?

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Tue Jul 26 17:54:19 UTC 2011

Regid Ichira wrote:

>  According to the 1998 README, there should be a dedicated directory
> containing the ntptrace source.  From which I conclude that ntptrace
> was intended to be written in C.  Now days, ntptrace is a perl script.
> It is in the scripts directory, and there is no dedicated ntptrace
> directory.

Yes, at one time ntptrace was a C program, and because of some open
bugs we decided to rewrite ntprace in perl.  See
http://bugs.ntp.org/show_bug.cgi?id=364 for example.

> Are there subtle reasons for having ntptrace in perl, rather then C?

I do not think so.  I suspect that when John Hay was looking at what
would be involved in fixing the outstanding bugs in the C version he
decided it would just be faster to rewrite the code in perl.

> That is, other then, perhaps, someone to write it in C?  Will ntp.org
> consider accepting a rewrite of ntptrace in C (for unix)?

We would want the code to also work under Windows, but there is a chance
others could help with that.  As long as the quality of the code is
good, the needed functionality is present, and the code is released
under an an acceptable copyright/license, I expect I'd be happy to
accept the code for the distribution.

We are using GNU AutoGen to handle command-line options processing and
documentation, and I am happy to help with that area of the task.


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