[ntp:hackers] [Gpsd-dev] Possible shm problem: Structure alignment?

Terje Mathisen terje at tmsw.no
Fri Mar 25 21:50:21 UTC 2011

Gary E. Miller wrote:
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> Yo Terje!
> On Fri, 25 Mar 2011, Terje Mathisen wrote:
>> OK, there is already an attempt underway (started by HÃ¥kan from Sweden) to
>> define a new (POSIX?) shm interface with ns support, merging that work with
>> this effort to get a much more portable/stable interface would be good.
> We know HÃ¥kan, glad he is pushing.  He seems to  know both ends.
>> Seems like another case of 'rough consensus, working code', i.e. we just need
>> to write and test the required code on both sides.
> We stand by eaager to help from the gpsd end.
> BTW, I have subscribed to ntpd hackers, but it does not let me post.

Somebody, probably Harlan has to approve you probably.


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