[ntp:hackers] 4.2.8 code freeze

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Wed Oct 19 02:24:56 UTC 2011

stenn at ntp.org said:
> If you know of any open bugs that you thing should be fixed before 4.2.8 is
> released, please "request blocking 4.2.8" on those bug reports. 

Do you have any "themes" for 4.2.8?  (What's the right word?)

I'd like to propose a few:
  pool (client) is ready for prime time
  IPv6 is as good as IPv4 (or close)
  ntpdc isn't needed
  ntpdate isn't needed

Are there others?


Is anybody else testing the pool client?

I think it is very close to ready, but I'd like to nominate these bugs as 
          ntpq -p doesn't show recently added pool servers 
          Slow startup if using the pool command

I think I've submitted another one, but I can't find it.  The problem is that 
if you botch the pool (or server?) DNS setup in the right way, it keeps 
trying forever.  That clutters up your log file as well as hammering away at 
the DNS system.


There is another worm with the pool stuff.

I'd like to see a config file a simple as:
  pool pool.example.com
just do the right thing.

Currently, if you do that, it will try to get 10 servers.

At this point, I know of only one pool.  Is the pool happy to have typical 
users using 10 servers?  If not, we should either fix the default or be very 
very loud about documenting how and why to specify the number of servers.

For reference, I think the necessary config line is:
  tos maxclock <N>

These are my opinions, not necessarily my employer's.  I hate spam.

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