[ntp:hackers] how to update docs, add keywords, add opts, etc.

Brian Utterback brian.utterback at oracle.com
Sat Aug 3 16:55:23 UTC 2013

I am confused about how to change things in that are autogen-ed and how 
to get them to autogen.

I have a repo on pogo. I would like to update the docs and have the 
chnages propagate to the man pages. It looks to me like the html files 
in the html directory are the source. IS that correct? Once I edit a 
file in the html directory, how do I get it to autogen new derivative 

Same question for changing the ntp.conf file. It looks like I just need 
to modify keyword-gen.c and ntp_parser.y, but how do I get it to create 
new derivative files.

Same question (again) for the command line opts.

Finally, is this documented somewhere? I looked in the Wiki and the 
README files, but didn't find anything.

Oh, and one last thing. Once I get everything up to data, is there a 
procedure for how to create a distribution tarball from the updated 
repo? I would like to take the tarball and test it on my target systems.

Brian Utterback

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