[ntp:hackers] how to update docs, add keywords, add opts, etc.

Brian Utterback brian.utterback at oracle.com
Sat Aug 3 20:52:46 UTC 2013

I am making progress, but it appears that there is a problem with 
autogen on pogo. I keep getting this error:

ld.so.1: autogen: fatal: relocation error: file 
/usr/local/gnu/lib/libguile-2.0.so.22: symbol 
GC_greatest_plausible_heap_addr: referenced symbol not found

Is guile out of date, or perhaps I am using the wrong compiler? Perhaps 
there is a better machine I should be doing this on?

On 08/03/13 12:55, Brian Utterback wrote:
> I am confused about how to change things in that are autogen-ed and 
> how to get them to autogen.
> I have a repo on pogo. I would like to update the docs and have the 
> chnages propagate to the man pages. It looks to me like the html files 
> in the html directory are the source. IS that correct? Once I edit a 
> file in the html directory, how do I get it to autogen new derivative 
> files?
> Same question for changing the ntp.conf file. It looks like I just 
> need to modify keyword-gen.c and ntp_parser.y, but how do I get it to 
> create new derivative files.
> Same question (again) for the command line opts.
> Finally, is this documented somewhere? I looked in the Wiki and the 
> README files, but didn't find anything.
> Oh, and one last thing. Once I get everything up to data, is there a 
> procedure for how to create a distribution tarball from the updated 
> repo? I would like to take the tarball and test it on my target systems.
> Brian Utterback
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