[ntp:hackers] What does "interface listen wildcard" do?

Brian Utterback brian.utterback at oracle.com
Tue Jul 9 16:12:23 UTC 2013

If you are not listening on the wildcard address, on what socket would 
you expect to receive a broadcast packet that was sent to

On 7/8/2013 5:00 PM, Danny Mayer wrote:
> Listening on the wildcard address is not normally useful here. The
> listen that was added for the wildcard was done because at least one O/S
> was not getting packets on the NTP port but I don't remember which O/S
> and which type of packet. You should not normally need the wildcard
> socket for broadcast. I haven't looked at the code for some years but it
> should be seeing and receiving broadcast packets if the right socket
> info is set up for it.
> I know it used to work, I did plenty of debugging with broadcast packets.
> Danny
> On 7/6/2013 9:04 PM, Brian Utterback wrote:
>> I never got any response to this last message. I am preparing to release
>> a new version of NTP in the development version of Solaris, and I have
>> customers that would really like to use the broadcast functionality.
>> Does anyone have broadcast working (not multicast) and if so, what did
>> you have to do? This seems like pretty basic functionality to be broken
>> for so long.
>> On 08/15/12 11:10, Brian Utterback wrote:
>>> I removed the check for INT_WILDCARD, and that got it past
>>> io_setbcast, but that still did not enable the broadcast client
>>> functionality. According to the debug output the broadcast packets are
>>> being received, but the code that tries to match them to an interface
>>> fails.
>>> On 08/15/12 06:57, Brian Utterback wrote:
>>>> I haven't tried that yet since I didn't understand the code here well
>>>> enough to risk modifying it. I was thinking of setting a flag when
>>>> "listen  wildcard" was given to accept wildcard only then.
>>>>   On 08/15/12 00:04, Dave Hart wrote:
>>>>> On Tue, Aug 14, 2012 at 5:52 PM, Brian Utterback
>>>>> <brian.utterback at oracle.com>  wrote:
>>>>>> I have a customer that want to get broadcastclient to work, but it
>>>>>> does not
>>>>>> because we ignore the wildcard interfaces by default. When I first
>>>>>> asked
>>>>>> about this some time ago, it was suggested that with a newer
>>>>>> version of ntpd
>>>>>> the customer could specify with the interface command to listen to the
>>>>>> wildcard addresses.
>>>>>> So, I am testing the latest version (2.6.7p294) to verify that this
>>>>>> fixes
>>>>>> the problem, but I am running into a problem. When I add this line
>>>>>> to the
>>>>>> ntp.conf file: "interface listen wildcard", I get this error:
>>>>>> "Unable to listen for broadcasts, no broadcast interfaces available"
>>>>>> This message comes from the function io_setbclient. The very first
>>>>>> test in
>>>>>> the processing loop inside io_setbclient has this test:
>>>>>>                   if (interf->flags&  (INT_WILDCARD | INT_LOOPBACK))
>>>>>>                           continue;
>>>>>> As it happens, when it does this processing there are three
>>>>>> interfaces on
>>>>>> the list, the v4 wildcard, the v6 wildcard, and the lo0 loopback,
>>>>>> all of
>>>>>> which are rejected by this test.
>>>>>> So, am I misunderstanding what this command is supposed to be
>>>>>> doing, or is
>>>>>> this a bug?
>>>>> I suspect it's a bug.  Does your customer get any further along if the
>>>>> io_setbclient() code is modified to not reject wildcards?
>>>>> Cheers,
>>>>> Dave Hart

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