[ntp:hackers] Bypassing default synchronization

cedric gava gava.c at free.fr
Thu Jul 18 10:47:32 UTC 2013


We need to setup a particular initial synchronization process to fulfill
our customer's need. For this purpose, we are studying two options :
using only ntp configuration and commands with ntpdc or hacking.

We have two issues, at the moment, which make us think that we will have
to hack :
1 - The first synchronization process takes 5 minutes, we don't know yet
if this can be reduced to less than 30-10 seconds only by configuration
2 - Will it be possible to fine tune ntp time by commands

This question is border-line with the list, but is a go/nogo question
regarding hacking ntpd.

Thank you, in advance, for any help
Best regards

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