[ntp:hackers] make check thrashing: looks like test_recv_packet in test-ntp_signd

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Sat Dec 12 00:39:57 UTC 2015

Hal Murray writes:
> I'm trying to run make check on a Raspberry Pi.  It's only got 512 megabytes 
> of memory.
> If I run test-ntp_signd by hand, it prints
>   t-ntp_signd.c:67:test_connect_incorrect_socket:PASS
>   t-ntp_signd.c:68:test_connect_correct_socket:PASS
>   t-ntp_signd.c:69:test_write_all:PASS
>   t-ntp_signd.c:70:test_send_packet:PASS
> and then seems to hang.

Some of the tests for ntp_signd are ... difficult to do properly.  The
current test code is an initial attempt at some of these and needs
additional work.

These tests should all complete quickly - if a test is taking a long
time that's probably a bug.

The current codebase enables all tests, because we want to run them and
improve them.

There are rare situations where one does not want to run tests that have
problems - in that case there is a configure flag that will disable
those tests, and sntp/m4/ntp_problemtests.m4 is where this list is

As always, patches welcome.
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