[ntp:hackers] NTP Development Snapshot 4.3.53 Released

NTP Public Services Project webmaster at ntp.org
Sun Jul 5 06:30:34 UTC 2015

NTP Development Snapshot 4.3.53 is now available for download.

Bug Fixes:

* [Bug 2846] Report 'unsynchronized' status during the leap second.
  Fixed in Martin's changes to Bug 2855.  Martin Burnicki.
* [Bug 2860] ntpq ifstats sanity check is too stringent.  Frank Kardel.
* [Bug 2864] 4.2.8p3 fails to compile on Windows. Juergen Perlinger
* [Bug 2866] segmentation fault at initgroups().  Harlan Stenn.
* [Bug 2867] ntpd with autokey active crashed by 'ntpq -crv'. J.Perlinger

Other Changes:

* On some versions of HP-UX, inttypes.h does not include stdint.h.  H.Stenn.
* sntp/tests/ function parameter list cleanup.  Damir Tomić.
* tests/libntp/ function parameter list cleanup.  Damir Tomić.
* tests/ntpd/ function parameter list cleanup.  Damir Tomić.
* sntp/unity/unity_config.h: handle stdint.h.  Harlan Stenn.
* sntp/unity/unity_internals.h: handle *INTPTR_MAX on old Solaris.  H.Stenn.
* tests/libntp/timevalops.c and timespecops.c fixd error printing.  D.Tomić.
* tests/libntp/ improvements in code and fixed error printing.  Damir Tomić.
* libntp/emalloc.c: Remove explicit include of stdint.h.  Harlan Stenn.
* internal infrastructure update.
* README.leapsmear added.  Martin Burnicki.
* README.leapsmear edited.  Harlan Stenn.
* tests/libntp/msyslog.c: fixed a gcc warning. Tomasz Flendrich.
* ntpd/ntp.conf.def: Document DSCP and leapsmearinterval.  Harlan Stenn.
* html/miscopt.html: Document leapsmearinterval, other cleanup.  Harlan Stenn.
* Phase 1 deprecation of google test in sntp/tests/.  Harlan Stenn.



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