[ntp:hackers] NTP Development Snapshot 4.3.64 Released

NTP Public Services Project webmaster at ntp.org
Sun Jul 26 12:30:33 UTC 2015

NTP Development Snapshot 4.3.64 is now available for download.

Bug Fixes:

* [Bug 2886] Mis-spelling: "outlyer" should be "outlier".  dave at horsfall.org

Other Changes:

* tests/libntp/statestr.c remove empty functions, remove unnecessary include,
  fix formatting. Tomasz Flendrich
* tests/libntp/ssl_init.c fixed formatting. Tomasz Flendrich
* tests/libntp/tvtots.c fixed a bug, fixed formatting. Tomasz Flendrich
* tests/libntp/uglydate.c removed an unnecessary include. Tomasz Flendrich
* tests/libntp/vi64ops.c removed an unnecessary comment, fixed formatting.
* tests/libntp/ymd3yd.c removed an empty function and an unnecessary include,
fixed formatting. Tomasz Flendrich
* tests/libntp/timespecops.c fixed formatting, fixed the order of includes,
  removed unnecessary comments, cleanup. Tomasz Flendrich
* tests/libntp/timevalops.c fixed the order of includes, deleted unnecessary
  comments, cleanup. Tomasz Flendrich
* tests/libntp/sockaddrtest.h making it agree to NTP's conventions of formatting.
  Tomasz Flendrich
* tests/libntp/lfptest.h cleanup. Tomasz Flendrich
* tests/libntp/test-libntp.c fix formatting. Tomasz Flendrich
* sntp/tests/crypto.c is now using proper Unity's assertions, fixed formatting.
  Tomasz Flendrich
* sntp/tests/kodDatabase.c added consts, deleted empty function,
  fixed formatting. Tomasz Flendrich
* sntp/tests/kodFile.c cleanup, fixed formatting. Tomasz Flendrich
* sntp/tests/packetHandling.c is now using proper Unity's assertions,
  fixed formatting, deleted unused variable. Tomasz Flendrich
* sntp/tests/keyFile.c is now using proper Unity's assertions, fixed formatting.
  Tomasz Flendrich
* sntp/tests/packetProcessing.c changed from sprintf to snprintf,
  fixed formatting. Tomasz Flendrich
* sntp/tests/utilities.c is now using proper Unity's assertions, changed
  the order of includes, fixed formatting, removed unnecessary comments.
  Tomasz Flendrich
* sntp/tests/sntptest.h fixed formatting. Tomasz Flendrich
* sntp/tests/fileHandlingTest.h.in fixed a possible buffer overflow problem,
  made one function do its job, deleted unnecessary prints, fixed formatting.
  Tomasz Flendrich
* tests/libntp/timevalops.c and timespecops.c fixed error printing.  D.Tomić.



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