[ntp:hackers] Unexpected origin timestamp

Havard Eidnes he at uninett.no
Wed Apr 20 13:31:33 UTC 2016

> It used to be that this situation caused a counter increment and was
> otherwise silent.
> This is the first time I've seen a report of the situation you describe.

I searched up the relevant part of the code which emitted this log
message, and extended the syslog debugging -- the existing debug
message doesn't actually print the variables tested at the condition
for entering that branch.  It turns out my result is:

Apr 20 14:37:22 hegre ntpd[17086]: receive: Unexpected origin timestamp 0xdac1f63f.692085a1 from xmt 0xdac1f682.68565e6b p_org 0xdac1f63f.692085a1 aorg 0000000000.00000000

my msyslog "line" now looks like this:

                                "receive: Unexpected origin timestamp %#010x.%08x from %s xmt %#010x.%08x p_org %#010x.%08x aorg %#010x.%08x",
                                ntohl(pkt->org.l_ui), ntohl(pkt->org.l_uf),
                                ntohl(pkt->xmt.l_ui), ntohl(pkt->xmt.l_uf),
                                p_org.l_ui, p_org.l_uf,
                                peer->aorg.l_ui, peer->aorg.l_uf

Now, which code is supposed to set peer->aorg in this case I don't
know, but it might give some clues to people more intimate with the


- Havard

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