[ntp:hackers] hackers] ntp-4.2.8p7 binaries working on Windows now available.

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Apr 28 08:52:20 UTC 2016

On 04/27/2016 02:19 PM, David J Taylor wrote:

> I had to revert to compiling the VS2008 version on VS2010, as installing
> VS2015 has broken my VS2013 installation!

I don't think this is a systematic problem -- I have VS2008express,
VS2013express and (since a few hours) VS2015community installed and
working in parallel. (On a Win7-pro/x64 box.)

But I have to admit I had my fingers crossed during the VS2015



After installing update 5 for VS2013 it's working again.  I had assumed that 
the sometimes large Windows updates that we get (and yes, I have the "for 
all Microsoft products" set) would include VS2013 updates.  I now see 
there's a VS2015 update 2 so I ran that as well, but was told I already had 
those updates - and I can believe that as I've only recently installed 
VS2015.  By the way, VS2016 is coming very soon, so I wonder what issues 
that might bring!

You may need to associate VS2015 with your Microsoft account to supress the 
"Expires after <date>" message.

Thanks for your work on NTP.

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