[ntp:hackers] Problem with autogen on Pogo?

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sun May 22 18:13:41 UTC 2016

>> I am trying to add a keyword to the server/peer/etc line in a workspace
>> on Pogo, but when it tries to run autogen, there is an error:

brian.utterback at oracle.com said:
> While I am at it, is there any docs or pointers about how to do this? There
> seems to be a convoluted system of layers violations going on, where under
> certain circumstances running gmake in the build directory changes files in
> the source directory, but only in some cases. In other cases it seems like
> it is necessary to move generated files in build directory back to the
> source directory. It is all very confusing and I am sure there is a nice
> simple procedure that I could follow if I only knew what it was. 

I recognize the symptoms but don't have an answer.

The key idea is that things are setup so you don't need bison/yacc to build 
from source unless you are changing the parser.  The output of bison/yacc is 
checked in as source.

I've always been able to blunder through one way or another, but never 
managed to assemble a recipe that works next time.

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