[ntpwg] Autokey refilihng - my point...

Stewart Bryant stbryant at cisco.com
Mon Oct 26 15:47:41 UTC 2009

Todd Glassey wrote:
> Stewart Bryant wrote:
>>> Since autokey has already passed Working Group review, it would have to
>>> be pulled back to the working group to change the protocol and then
>>> resubmitted to IESG.
>> It would also need to go for IETF LC before it went to the IESG.
>> Given where the document is, the best strategy would be to continue 
>> with Informational.
> No its not. But I am betting you have a financial interest in keeping 
> NTP where it is considering the pain you will have to go through with 
> IOS to fix them.
That is a completely inappropriate remark and I require an apology to 
the list!

>> That can only reduce the time taken to PS. The issues Brian raises 
>> are real, and need to be
>> addressed before a PS can be published, and the sooner the process of 
>> starting to address
>> then starts, the sooner it will finish. 
> Then no one can use NTP with AutoKEY in production Stewart if they are 
> regulated and one of their security controls is 'that only vetted and 
> tested technologies are used in their IT' department. You know Sorta 
> like your company Cisco does Stewart... If you doubt me ask the 
> compliance director over at corporate. I will forward you the number 
> off list. 
Sure, so start the process of getting this to PS. From the thread the 
first thing you
need to do is to provide proof positive of an independent 
implementation, then
you should provide Brian with the text he asked for. However I do not 
see why
that should stop NTP WG from continuing with the plan of record to take 
this to
Informational in the meantime.

- Stewart

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