[ntpwg] Antw: NTPv5 suggestions

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.org
Tue Jan 24 12:50:38 UTC 2012

On 1/23/2012 10:04 PM, Harlan Stenn wrote:
> Todd wrote:
>> ...
>> YES WE WILL RELEASE IT ONCE ITS DONE, but we filed for a patent on
>> this, and if the group wants to see this IP we are willing to disclose
>> it here. 
>> Todd
> I'd like to see the IP/patent applications.  If you'd please send the
> info either here to the list or to me I'd appreciate it.

Do not send ANY IP or patent information to the working group. That is
inappropriate for any IETF working group. Furthermore no working group
within IETF can consider any IP or patent information except where the
claimant has formally notified the IETF through established procedures
of any claims on any protocol or process under active consideration by
the Working Group. Working Group cannot consider them, it's a legal
issue at that point and not a technical issue. The IETF can only issue
unencumbered RFC's.


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