[time-dev] IPv6 support in the UI

"Martin v. Löwis" martin
Mon Oct 27 07:15:18 UTC 2008

> Can you run:
>    perltidy lib/NTPPool/Control/Manage.pm
> before committing?


> Maybe
>   alter table servers add ip_version enum("v4", "v6") not null default
> 'v4' after ip;
> You can add it to the sql/ntppool.update file and then run
> "./combust/bin/database_update ntppool"

I've also made this change.

> Is your git repository accessible?  If so then I can just pull from there.

How do I make it accessible? The machine with my checkout on it is
behind a firewall. I did an rsync of the .git directory to


However, git-clone complains that it can't check that out, because
"remote HEAD refers to nonexistent ref". As usual, I find the git
error messages completely incomprehensible.


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