[time] GPS sensor for time synchronization

Kun-Chan Lan klan
Thu Jun 1 07:06:55 UTC 2006


I'm currently building a wireless testbed in
an urban environment in Sydney. One thing I want to do
on this testbed is to measure the one-way delay of each link.

We are thinking to put a GPS sensor on each node of our testbed
for synchronizing the local clock of each node for such a purpose.

I'm wondering if anybody on this list can suggest any commercial
GPS sensor that can meet the following requirement

- waterproof
- support linux
- support ntp
- usb interface (the serial port on our router board has
been used for other purpose)
- have at least 1ms accuracy (it will be great if it supports PPS)
- can be use in Australia

I'm aware that some 'bare' GPS device such as Garmin GPS 18 LVC
might work for our purpose. But we are trying to find something
that does not require additional wiring work given that
the time constraint and the large number of nodes we have.

I saw something from deluo. But not sure how would it support the
1us accuracy they claim. Does anybody here happen to have any
experience with this device?


Any information will be very much appreciated!

Best Regards,
Kun-chan Lan
Networks and Pervasive Computing Program
National ICT Australia Ltd.
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