[time] GPS sensor for time synchronization

George Ross gdmr
Thu Jun 1 12:19:05 UTC 2006

> > (We have another S1 with an MSF clock which prefers to synchronise to
> > this machine rather than its own local hardware!) 
> Doesn't surprise me much.
> What sort of jitter do you see on the MSF clock?

     remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset  jitter
*solti.inf.ed.ac .GPS.            1 u   50   64  376    0.213   -0.514   0.036
[other S2...]
-SHM(0)          .MSF.            0 l   45   64  377    0.000   -0.262   0.059

This is on a good day, when MSF is actually on-air and nobody is running
anything electrically noisy nearby.  It was cheap, though -- it's a
<http://www.buzzard.org.uk/jonathan/radioclock.html>, and our techs had
most of the bits in their stores anyway.  The machine is currently an HP
DC7100, and is about 100m west of 55.92188N, 3.17113W and 83.1m above MSL,
OSGB datum (the Acutime, in south Edinburgh).

Incidentally, solti.inf.ed.ac.uk isn't in the pool, though a couple of our 
S2s which usually sync to it are, and isn't normally accessible externally, 
but if anyone would like to peer with us contact me off-list and we'll see 
what we can do.
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