[time] More fun with Geo DNS

Ryan Malayter malayter
Mon Nov 13 15:40:17 UTC 2006

Things seem to be down at the moment...

   U:\>nslookup 0.ntp-pool-test.logidac.com
   Server:  sammy.bai.org

   DNS request timed out.
       timeout was 2 seconds.
       *** Request to sammy.bai.org timed-out

The test tools at dnsstuff.com also return timeouts. Did MaxMind
blacklist your IP?

> I'm using GeoCity by MaxMind, which is the best one I could find.
> MaxMind is supposed to fall back to the country automatically.

Have you looked at www.hostip.info? It may be less accurate that
MaxMind, but probably good enough for the pool project's needs. More
importantly, the database and all the code related to the project is
open source.

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