[time] variables reported by ntpq

Kiss Gabor kissg
Mon Nov 13 16:12:16 UTC 2006

Dear folks,

ntpq manual wrote:

   System Variables

   The status, leap, stratum, precision, rootdelay, rootdispersion,
   refid, reftime, poll, offset, and frequency variables are described
   in RFC-1305 specification.

I searched 'frequency' in RFC 1305 but I did not find such a variable.
I manage 7 ntp servers and this variable may vary from -255.7 to 18.57
on them.
Another undefined variable is noise. Nor the manual neither the RFC
does mention it. (It's value is in the 37-200 range and quite unstable.)

Do you know what are these quantities and what unit are measured in?


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