[time] variables reported by ntpq

Tim Shoppa tshoppa
Mon Nov 13 16:45:39 UTC 2006

Kiss Gabor <kissg at niif.hu> 11/13/2006 11:12 AM asked:

> I searched 'frequency' in RFC 1305 but I did not find such a
> I manage 7 ntp servers and this variable may vary from -255.7 to
> on them.

Frequency is actually the clock frequency error, measured in PPM (parts
million). Usually not more than a few tens of PPM.

> Another undefined variable is noise. Nor the manual neither the RFC
> does mention it. (It's value is in the 37-200 range and quite

Maybe you mean jitter or stability?

I don't see anything called noise from readvars
in ntpq, if you could cut and paste showing where the phrase occurs I
we could help you. 37 to 200 ms might be typical jitters for a
network connection. I think different versions of ntpq use different
for jitter, some using ms and some using seconds.


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