[time] More fun with Geo DNS

Ryan Malayter malayter
Mon Nov 13 23:25:59 UTC 2006

Querying from a downtown Chicago, Illinois, USA location on
[0-4].ntp-pool-test-logidac.com returned very promising results:

Host              Country    Region    City        Ping (ms)    Hops     US         IL        Chicago     343          8    US         IL        Chicago     2            9    US         IL        Chicago     2            9      US         IL        Chicago     5            7      US         IL        Chicago     4            7

Other than the selection of a DSL-backed server as the "closest",
these results look absolutely fantastic. Four of the five servers have
average ping times lower than 5 ms!

I congratulate you on an outstanding effort, Guillaume.

Of course, we currently have no good way of knowing the connection
type for a particular server, such as the DSL-based system returned as
the "closest" result. Perhaps version 2.0 could some day take a
"bandwidth metric" from the pool database and use that to weight
results as well, thus lowering the load on DSL/cable modem based

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are equally effective, and more fun.

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