[time] May I use these timeservers?

Rob Janssen rob
Sun Nov 19 10:17:27 UTC 2006

Henry Zhang wrote:
> Hi Rob,
> My question is when I try to use multicastclient, I create ntp.conf, and
> input "server multicastclient" into this file, is it correct?
> It's a little urgent, because I need do some decision today or tomorrow,
> appreciated for your reply here...
> Thanks,
> Henry

Sorry I was away for some time due to illness.

The "multicastclient" command is not a subcommand of "server".
See the documentation (as pointed out by someone else):

multicastclient 224.x.x.x

However, as I pointed out before, it needs a working multicast
network setup. I cannot look into other people's networks, but
personally I have never seen a situation where this multicasting
actually was configured and working. Maybe in reasearch institutes
or companies like Sun, but not on the typical customer's network.

So I am afraid the multicast solution will be useless in practice.


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