[time] May I use these timeservers?

Henry Zhang Hua.Zhang
Sun Nov 19 12:31:01 UTC 2006

Hi Rob,

Thanks, so now, I will not use any ntp server, and try to apply
We are planning to setup our own time server for time.sun.com, after
that we may also push these server into ntp.org, but due to budget, it's
need some time....


Rob Janssen ??:
> Henry Zhang wrote:
>> Hi Rob,
>> My question is when I try to use multicastclient, I create ntp.conf, and
>> input "server multicastclient" into this file, is it correct?
>> It's a little urgent, because I need do some decision today or tomorrow,
>> appreciated for your reply here...
>> Thanks,
>> Henry
> Henry,
> Sorry I was away for some time due to illness.
> The "multicastclient" command is not a subcommand of "server".
> See the documentation (as pointed out by someone else):
> multicastclient 224.x.x.x
> However, as I pointed out before, it needs a working multicast
> network setup. I cannot look into other people's networks, but
> personally I have never seen a situation where this multicasting
> actually was configured and working. Maybe in reasearch institutes
> or companies like Sun, but not on the typical customer's network.
> So I am afraid the multicast solution will be useless in practice.
> Rob

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