[time] Accuracy goal of the pool?

Rob Janssen rob
Mon Nov 20 20:53:17 UTC 2006

Michael Zimmermann wrote:
> Hi Rob, hi list,
> Rob Janssen schrieb:
>> ... when you take a good ntp daemon and let it
>> sync to a server over the Internet, it certainly should be possible
>> to be within 10ms.
> Sure. But if you run the ntp daemon on a non-dedicated work-horse
> machine with normal server hardware (as I do) the clock may jump away
> from time to time for more than 10 msec - due to sporadic load
> of the machine or the like.
I think it probably is not because of load, but because of a driver that
keeps interrupts disabled for a long time in occasional situations, e.g.
some error recovery or a big modechange.

On my system I have not seen this problem lately, but I have read it
happens during a textmode-graphicmode switch of the NVIDIA X driver,
for example.


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