[time] NTP in a virtual machine ?

Ryan Malayter malayter
Sun Nov 26 15:51:18 UTC 2006

As Adrian mentioned, you should never run NTPd or any other time sync
software *inside* a virtual machine (the "guest OS"). You should only
run ntpd or a similar tool on the host OS which is running the
VMware/MSVS/Xen sofftware. The guest virtual machines then get their
time updates autmatically from the host OS through the virtual real
time clock. Both VMware and MS Virtual Server have ths feature IIRC.
Limited clock resolution can be an issue with this method, but it is
the best that can be done for virtual machines.

Also make sure you install the "virtual machine extensions" for your
guest OS of choice, as these typically have some sort of driver that
is time-related (in addition to faster I/O and video drivers).

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