[time] deleted my server from the dns pool for the time being

Koos van den Hout koos
Tue Mar 27 20:34:03 UTC 2007

On Tue 2007-03-27 at 21:06, dave morgan wrote:

> just to let everyone know I have pulled my server from the UK and
> EU DNS pools for the time being, as my network link cannot handle
> the traffic peaks. I have 8Mbit down 512Kbit up, but when the
> 10,000 queries a *minute* peaks come in my connection gets
> totally unusable.

For starters: it is ofcourse your full right to stop offering a service
that disables your connection. Don't see this as negative comment, just
trying to find the root cause of the problem.

10000 ntp queries per minute sounds like a lot. But when I calculate it to
pure bytes traffic:

10000 queries/minute -> 167 per second.

given the ntp packets I see (76 bytes) that would mean 12692 bytes payload
traffic per second, which will take somewhere near 126 kbit (including some
overhead) of those 512 kbit up.

My best guess is that some device between your ntp server and the outside
world (adsl modem with nat?) is choking on this many 'connections'.

(our ntp pool member peaks around the same amount of requests per second)


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