[time] deleted my server from the dns pool for the time being

Rob Janssen rob
Sat Mar 31 08:08:38 UTC 2007

Ryan Malayter wrote:
> On 3/30/07, Rob Janssen <rob at knoware.nl> wrote:
>> They are just a user.  The fact that they cause a problem is because of
>> a limitation in our system, not because of their use.
>> We need to move to better DNS servers that do not need a static zonefile
>> that is reloaded every so often.   Then the Turks will just get
>> distributed over all servers and nobody will notice anymore.
> Is the pool using BIND, or djbdns?
> It would seem to me that a database-driven system such as MyDNS would
> suit the pool far better. Also, a database-driven system would make
> future enhancements like geo-location or bandwidth-based weighting far
> easier.
> Although given the spotty security record of MyDNS so far, I am not
> sure it is the best choice. What other open database-driven DNS
> systems are out there?
The load balancing feature of MyDNS would be an improvement over what we 
have now.
(i.e. it could dynamically serve a large collection of available servers 
with different priority classes)

I don't know what the load on the DNS servers is, and if 
performance/efficiency is an important concern when designing things.
I think what you really need is not a database-driven DNS but a 
"code-driven" DNS, where you can write your own backend functions (e.g. 
in Perl or Python) that are called for every query and can cook a 
response depending on many factors (including geo-location).

Of course a database can be used to conveniently store server data, but 
a table of active servers might just as well be kept in RAM.

PowerDNS could be a possibility.


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