[time] Munin plugin

Todd Eddy vr
Tue Jul 22 21:19:46 UTC 2008

FWIW I have the couple scripts I use available that I use at 
http://rikku.vrillusions.com/ntp/.  You'll have to know how to use 

svn export https://svn.vrillusions.com/svn/munin-plugins/trunk/plugins

Chris Hastie wrote:
> Munin users might be interested in a plugin I've just uploaded to the
> plugin exchange to monitor offsets to multiple peers and plot them on
> one graph. Munin's default NTP plugin is useful in many ways, but
> sometimes it's nice to be able to see all peers together to get a quick
> idea of how they cluster, which ones are consistently on the edge etc.
> The plugin is at
> <http://muninexchange.projects.linpro.no/?search&cid=14&pid=269>
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