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Adrian von Bidder avbidder
Wed Jul 23 06:53:03 UTC 2008

Hallo Michael,

On Tuesday 22 July 2008 09.15:57 michael.lipp at magnapowertrain.com wrote:
> One question about the Timeserver.
> I't like to connect to the Timeserver from ntp.org.

"the Timeserver" ... pool.ntp.org is about 1500 different servers right now.

> I am from austria. How is it working with the timezones ?

NTP works entirely in UTC and does not care about timezones at all.  If you 
have configured your computer correctly, time will automatically be 
converted to the local timezone.  (In other words: if your clock is 
suddenly wrong by one or two hours when you use NTP, your computer is not 
set up correctly.)

> Shoult i only connect to    server  0.at.pool.ntp.org ?
> Or can i also connect to  0.pool.ntp.org ?

0.pool.ntp.org (and 1.pool.ntp.org etc.) originally got you a random server 
from all the servers in the pool.  0.at.pool.ntp.org will assign you a 
server which is in austria, which usually means that your network 
connection to the time server will be better (faster, more stable), 
resulting in better accuracy for your computer's clock.

But just keep in mind that we're talking about a few milliseconds accuracy 
here.  So for all practical purposes, it doesn't matter.  Added to that is 
that the pool.ntp.org DNS servers were enhanced, so that even when you use 
the global (0.pool.ntp.org) address, you'll get a server that is close by.

(So, on a laptop, if you're traveling, using any specifc country DNS name is 
actually a bad idea...)

> This message is intended only for use by the named addressee 

But what if the addressee is a mailing list?  You don't even know whom the 
email will be sent to.  Oh, and: define "use".

> and may contain privileged and/or confidential information

Either it does or it doesn't.  You'll know that, I don't.  Perhaps you 
weren't even supposed to talk about the fact that you're considering using 

> If you are not the
> named addressee, you should not disseminate, copy, or take any action in
> reliance on it. If you have received this message in error, please
> immediately notify michael.lipp at magnapowertrain.com and delete this
> message and any attachment. Thank you.

At least this disclaimer does not have legal threats.

Such disclaimers are extremely silly.  Please get rid of it.  If you can't, 
please don't use this email account on mailing lists.  Consider that your 
email was 18 lines of content (including salutation and empty lines) versus 
a 15 line address plus the 14 lines disclaimer.

-- vbi

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