[time] New mailing list host wanted

Sanjeev Gupta ghane0
Sat May 1 18:18:18 UTC 2010

On Sat, May 1, 2010 at 23:05, Adrian von Bidder <avbidder at fortytwo.ch>wrote:

> On Saturday 01 May 2010 10.40:37 Sanjeev Gupta wrote:
> > As the list server needs stable storage only for archives, so to speak
> > (everything else can be moved around), I can provide this.
> >
> > I can provide a mailman host, and help manage the list (not the pool).
> I'd be happy with this solution.  I agree that it's a good idea to have the
> list on a different network from the main pool.n.o infrastructure.
> In addition, I remember occasionally having seen your name for quite a
> while
> on this list, so I guess stability for some time can be assumed.  I propose
> you create the lists and I'll send you archives and subscriber list soon-
> ish?

Sure.  I got interested in NTP because of Adrian's call (I think on a Debian
list in 2002), and drifted into Time-Nuts, Timezones, the Olson DB, etc.

May I suggest I do a VM; that way if we need to move, we can move the entire
VM to the new host.  From the lists' point-of-view, continuty will be
maintained.  If there are any reasons why we need a physical host, I can do
that too.

> The current lists are:
> timekeepers
> timekeepers-announce
> timekeepers-bulletin
> timekeepers-dev
> timekeepers-i18n
> Ask: are all lists still in use?
Sanjeev Gupta
+65 98551208     http://www.linkedin.com/in/ghane
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