[Pool] Spam from pool list?

Arnold Schekkerman ntp-list at mallos.xs4all.nl
Sat Apr 23 12:44:13 UTC 2011

Hi Dreamy,

On 04/23/2011 01:37 PM, Dreamy wrote:
> How did they get my unique e-mail address dedicated for this list?

Each member of this list has your special e-mail address, once you post to
the list.

> I'm just guessing, but I can't imagine anything else.

Most e-mail addresses are harvested from virus infected PC's. So, if one
member of this list gets infected then your e-mail address is known by
spammers. This is a very reliable way to collect active addresses...

As you noticed, trying to keep your address secret is not effective in
fighting spam. Better, make sure you have a good working spam filter.

With 99% spam the trick is to filter the correct messages out :-) As you use
a special address for this list, you might use a filter that checks for
"*[Pool] *" in the subject line. I just reviewed my check: it is not on the
subject, but the pool address is in To or CC. This also works well. My rule
blocked about 80-90 spam messages today up to 14:20h for my ntp-list address.

Good luck,

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