[Pool] High Offset / Jitter

Hal Murray murray at ntp.org
Tue Mar 1 18:04:51 UTC 2011

alby at empire.org said:
>  I think I found my PPS issue. I'm using Debian and I found a blurb on
> worldtimesolutions.com website with a step by step run through on
> configuring the kernel. At the top of their post, they say you need PPS on a
> different com port.  Ack!!! 

>From the URL:
> # cd linux-source-2.6.26
> Obtain the linuxpps patches and apply to the new kernel source:

Any recipe referring to linuxpps is quite old.

I don't know what version of the kernel Debian is using now, but Linux kernel 
sources already include the PPS code and have for quite a while.

How old is your setup?  Is it time to update?

What version of the kernel are you running running?

I know the PPS support is included in 2.6.32.  It might have gone in earlier.

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