[Pool] Isolated NTP Server vs. Adding Stratum 1 Servers

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Mon Mar 7 21:46:12 UTC 2011

>  I have been able to get my Garmin GPS "18x" LVC working, but only if no
> other NTP servers are listed in the ntp.conf file.  If I even think of
> sticking 1 server in their, the GPS_NMEA will show up as a falsetick. I
> assume this isn't normal. Any suggestions on a possible resolution? 

Setup a few other servers and mark the Garmin as "noselect".  That will 
collect the data but not use it for timekeeping so you can see how far off it 

Recent versions of the 18x LVC have new firmware and seem to be off by a 
second.  You may be able to fix that with fudge-ing.

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