[Pool] From which IP addresses is going monitoring activity?

Richard DEMONGEOT richard at demongeot.biz
Wed Sep 14 14:59:34 UTC 2011

I think this info need to be private, in order to get a pool with a very
good quality.

As monitoring servers make fewer connection than standard users (and i
don't take care about socity under neted IP), if you need to exclude them
from your ban script, you will ban some (or a lot of) standard users.

On the other way, if this info still private, if you ban monitoring
server, that's mean that you can't accept standard user, and you don't have
your place on the pool.

This is my opinion, and i'm not on NTP staff :).


On Wed, 14 Sep 2011 18:51:57 +0400, "Huckster" <info at hws.ru> wrote:
> I asked for monitoring IPs for EXCLUDE them from auto-ban script :)
> Can't find this info on official sites. I think, this info must be open,
> isn't it?
> WBR, Huckster.
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> If you ban the monitoring IPs your banning logic is being way too
> aggressive.

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