[Pool] From which IP addresses is going monitoring activity?

Anthony DeRobertis anthony at derobert.net
Wed Sep 14 15:04:37 UTC 2011

On Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 06:51:57PM +0400, Huckster wrote:
> I asked for monitoring IPs for EXCLUDE them from auto-ban script :)
> Can't find this info on official sites. I think, this info must be open,
> isn't it?

The point is the monitoring servers are *not* agressive in any way. If
your scripts ban them, then your scripts are banning clients that are
nowhere near abusive.

The abusive clients poll every few seconds, or faster.

Normal clients poll every 64 seconds, or slower.

Nice clients (like Udell ntpd) running on sane hardware will fairly
quickly get to once every 1024 seconds.

The monitoring seems to (guessing from the CSV files) poll approximately
every 1600 seconds.

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