[Pool] OT: how much traffic is too much? (was Re: From which IP addresses is going monitoring activity?)

Vasil Kolev vasil at ludost.net
Wed Sep 21 22:29:09 UTC 2011

В 15:23 -0700 на 21.09.2011 (ср), Chuck Swiger написа:
> >          5778            Banned
> >          1902            Warning
> >           411             Warning
> >          406             Warning
> [ ... ] 
> >           110             Warning
> 110 queries per day is one every ~800 seconds.
> That's not very different from the standard maxpoll of 10 aka every
> 1024 seconds.  Only the first two entries ought to qualify as
> potentially abusive.  The real problems aren't from someone polling
> every 500 seconds, or even every minute-- it's the folks sending a
> query every second because their config or firewall is busted.

This might already be answered somewhere in a FAQ, but, why is even that
too much? The NTP traffic I see never goes over 5-6 kbps, and the daemon
should be able to handle at least 20 times more than that. So, is there
a reason to ban anyone who isn't sending something like 100pps?

Vasil Kolev
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