[Pool] v6 monitoring: broken, or just me?

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Wed Jan 11 18:30:43 UTC 2012

>> [...], but I neither have nor want HTTPS support, and [...] is not
>> _nearly_ important enough to me to outweigh that.
> That makes me a bit curious.  Do you mind if I ask what the problem
> is that comes with HTTPS support?

No, I don't mind at all.  Go ahead and ask.


> What environment not supporting HTTPS do you use?

The base OS is NetBSD, but that's mostly irrelevant.  I don't Web much;
I find it difficult and unpleasant to use the Web (causality probably
goes both ways between that and not doing it much).  When I do have
something that overrides my distaste for the Web, I use lynx.  The lynx
I use does have hooks for https: support, and on at least two occasions
I've looked at building it in.  In each case, I've gotten about four
levels deep in yak shaving before discovering it needs something
insanely heavyweight for the end goal (perl, maybe? I forget) and
scrapping the project.

I've considered writing my own SSL support.  But the only thing it
would really be of any use for would be HTTPS, and it's ugly in various
respects (perhaps most notably its choosing the CA-chain trust model),
so I find I don't really care enough to bother.  It doesn't help that,
on the few occasions when I've looked for specs, I've found twisty
little mazes of cross-references, all different, typically ending up at
pay-to-play "standards", which of course I refuse to have anything to
do with.

There really is very little I want HTTPS support for.  No single thing
is anywhere near pushing me past any of the various possible prices
involved (building existing support, or writing my own); even in the
aggregate they haven't been enough.

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