[Pool] v6 monitoring: broken, or just me?

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Thu Jan 12 19:24:41 UTC 2012

>>> What environment not supporting HTTPS do you use?
>> The base OS is NetBSD, but that's mostly irrelevant.  [...]  [O]n at
>> least two occasions I've looked at building [SSL support into lynx].
>> In each case, I've gotten about four levels deep in yak shaving
>> before discovering it needs something insanely heavyweight for the
>> end goal (perl, maybe? I forget) and scrapping the project.
> Why don't you just use NetBSD's package management system?

The most compelling reason is that pkgsrc works only if you heatseek
NetBSD itself - as far as I can tell there is no way to, today, get
pkgsrc packages that work on NetBSD older than...what's the limit?  The
last year?  Two?  That's unusable for me.

It also wouldn't actually relieve me of the need to build the
"something insanely heavyweight", not unless I were willing to install
binary packages, which is Just Not Happening[%].  The most it would do
is automate the fetching and compilation of all that code.

It's also nontrivial to convince it to coexist with any other
locally-installed-software paradigm, though admittedly I haven't put
much effort into trying, what with the other problems.

And, philosophically, I don't like "don't worry your pretty little head
with that, we'll take care of it all for you behind the scenes"
paradigms.  I like to understand things at every level.  I don't
actually achieve that, of course, but I keep trying, and the resulting
knowledge does help often enough.  (For example, I built a ROM reader
and it turned out to have the odd bug that it read tke whole thing fine
except the last octet came out as 0xff.  I would never have understood
why if I didn't know something about chip design.)

[%] I don't run code I didn't build from source myself.  (There are a
    few exceptions.  Boot ROMs.  Firmware in ROM on devices like disks.
    Sometimes, code not running on a general-purpose machine, such as
    commercial games on my playstation.  And, sometimes, the first
    install on a new architecture.  But, in general, if I didn't build
    it, I don't run it.)

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