[Pool] Server Abuse

Miguel Barbosa Gonçalves m at mbg.pt
Sun Apr 5 12:04:33 UTC 2015

2015-04-05 12:54 GMT+01:00 Martin Schröder <martin at oneiros.de>:

> 2015-04-05 13:02 GMT+02:00 Miguel Barbosa Gonçalves <m at mbg.pt>:
> > Someone suggested that it could be a Carrier Grade NAT box. Well, IMHO,
> > someone who the money to buy such a thing could very well implement a
> local
> > NTP server.
> But why? The pool just works. And NAT is security.
> Next you will suggest such fancy tech like IPv6...

Because that is the way it should be done! I did not suggest anything
unreasonable. Please read my post carefully.

And no, NAT is not security... It has security as a side effect but it was
not designed for security.

If you do maintain a pool server don't you think the numbers I present are

I don't mind giving away some of my network and hardware resources but not
for lazy network admins.

In fact, as of now I took more aggressive measures to address this
situation. I will monitor it closely.


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