[Pool] Server Abuse

Rob Janssen rob at knoware.nl.eu.org
Sun Apr 5 12:14:35 UTC 2015

Kasper Pedersen wrote:
> As to carrier NAT boxes, setting up a few NTP servers on the inside does
> not affect pool traffic.
> The only thing that would affect pool traffic is if the provider also
> starts spoofing DNS responses from the pool, or spoofing responses.
> Let's not go there, please.

The pool could setup a very small zone so that DNS requests coming from a NAT box
will be replied with ntp server entries specific to that box.

But of course it will not happen, because you will not be able to convince the operator
that they need an NTP server specifically for their clients.   At least not until zones are
added to the pool so that users of the NAT box will not get any pool server at all.  Maybe
then they start complaining and the operator will do something.

(but more likely, the clients will not even notice that their systems are not synced anymore,
except maybe for a Raspberry Pi and similar)


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