[Pool] It's time to enable IPv6 for all of pool.ntp.org

Marco Senft marco.senft at pmodwrc.ch
Thu Apr 30 06:33:13 UTC 2015

Hi everybody

On 12.04.2015 at 02:56, Tore Anderson wrote:
> This thread died off, but left some unanswered questions:
> [...]
> I would very much like to see the NTP Pool become more IPv6 enabled
> than it currently is, and would therefore appreciate any pointers to
> what specifically needs to be done in order to make that happen - maybe
> I will be able to help.

I would also welcome any inputs on where improvements are needed in 
order to make the pool completely IPv6-ready. The current situation 
where 2.pool.ntp.org returns IPv6 addresses was a good step four years 
ago. However with respect to the growth of the IPv6 adoption rate, IPv6 
support is IMO already mandatory for any large-scale internet service. 
The longer we wait, the less predictible the transition process will be. 
I'm very interested if I can be of any help.


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