[Pool] Leap Indicator bits

Martin Burnicki martin.burnicki at burnicki.net
Mon Jul 6 14:06:04 UTC 2015

Harlan Stenn wrote:
> Martin Burnicki writes:
>> Harlan,
>> Harlan Stenn wrote:
>>> If a bug was fixed in 4.2.8 but was not fixed in 4.2.6, then there were
>>> over 1,100 other bugs that were also fixed in 4.2.8 but not in 4.2.6.
>> And how many of those bugs were introduced after 4.2.6, in 4.2.7*, and
>> then fixed?
> Not many.
> But I also don't plan to count them.
>> IMO there are different kinds of bug. Some of them can only be fixed in
>> the next major version, and others are worth to roll out a patch release.
>> IMO security fixes implemented around last christmas, and evil things
>> like the sticky leap bit are really worth to roll out a patch release.
>> This would save many users and admins of really much trouble.
> As I have said, there were not sufficient resources to do this.
> I gave plenty of warning about the release of 4.2.8.  Folks had lots of
> opportunity to test it and report problems.  I did the best and most
> complete coverage testing I could do with the time and resources available.
> We have decades of history that we only maintain a single stable
> release.  No secret, no surprise.
> Folks have also long know that if they want support for older
> versions of stable that's available.  Nobody has asked for it.

What I meant is that the sticky leap second thing is from 2012. At that 
time it was not foreseeable when 4.2.8 would be going to be released. At 
that time a patch version 4.2.6p6 should have been rolled out, so there 
would have been a good chance that the fix would propagate before the 
next leap second.

>> I think we have already discussed this in detail by email back in
>> December or January.
> Yes.
> There are lots of folks who think NTP is trivial, or that "it's been
> around for a long time so there must not be anything left to do".  They
> think a few hours' week should be all that's needed.  The folks who
> think this have never been near the codebase.

I agree. However, you know that I know that keeping ntpd up to date is 
*not* trivial. I'll send some more comments via private email.


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